IKEA Furniture App Can Help You Virtually Redecorate

I'm more of a gadget nerd than a home redecorator, but I saw something online yesterday that could possibly peak my interest in the latter. IKEA, the uber-popular and chic home furnishing store, has rolled out an augmented reality smart phone app that allows you to see what a piece of their furniture would look like in your space. IKEA Furniture App

Now, first let me say that, I've never been to an IKEA, but I have heard nothing but rave reviews from friends of mine about their modern and inexpensive home and office furniture. And, from pieces that I've seen, it does look like something I could see in my own home. So for me, that's the kicker in all of this. 

The nearest IKEA is a tad bit of a drive from Louisville; so the liklihood that I would drive there for a piece of furniture is probably slim, but for someone like me this tool could help them change that. Now I can actually see how a piece I would consider buying would look in my home before ever making the trek, and for the time and gas concious, that's big. 

They created a video so you can see for yourself how it works: 

A very cool use of technology for geeks like me, and a useful one for folks who want to see their redocations before actually going through all the time, effort, and expense of redecorating.  

If you'd like to see more about the app, I read the article on Design Milk, and you can see more photos, etc there. 

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[Photo: Courtesy Design Milk]

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