Clifton is Making News on Frankfort Avenue

It seems as if everywhere I've looked recently I've been reading more and more about things happening in the Clifton area of Frankfort Avenue.  Good things.  Possibly great things.  First, I have Clifton is Making News on Frankfort Avenueto point out what I read on Twitter just last evening and confirmed online today - GQ Magazine has named The Silver Dollar one of their "Ten Best Whiskey Bars in America". That's a big deal for a place that is less than two years old!  

I also read yesterday, via Insider Louisville, that there is also going to be a mom-and-pop style grocery store opening up in Clifton right near The Silver Dollar that is going to be named Reynolds Grocery Store.  The owner, Sean Reynolds, goal seems to be focusing on locally grown produce instead of being a full-fledged Kroger-type grocery store.  He says in the article that he wants to beClifton is Making News on Frankfort Avenue known around the community and wants to get to know his customers.  Call me nostalgic but I personally love it.  Growing up there was a mom-and-pop store next to my grandparent's house and I loved going over there with my cousins and getting ice cream and still can remember the old hardwood floors.  

So, in the Clifton area, you already had one of the "hippest" areas of the city with great bars, restaurants, and shopping all up and down Frankfort Avenue.  Now you've got arguably one of the best whiskey bars in the United States, a new, health-conscious grocery store opening in May in an area that is semi-void of grocery options, and the brand new Flats on Frankfort apartments that recently opened, which are helping to draw even more younger Louisvillians to live in the area.  Sure sounds like 2013 is going to be a good year for Clifton and that end of Frankfort Avenue.  

Be safe and have fun out there, and if you're interested in all things Louisville, check out The Miles and Smith Real Estate Group website, we keep our finger on the pulse of the city.

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